[SOLVED] English language layout is broken

Nuff’ said in the subject. Up until today the english layout has shown for me as fine but now today some parts of it are in German.

@IntiMD :
Thanks for the info.
Today our Provider Xobor has completely updated the Software of all Forums and while having done it, the German and the English language packages have been mixed.
As you can see >here<, I have already posted a bug report at the Xobor Support Forum and hope, that the bug will be fixed very soon.

Thank you for contacting them quickly Fernando. Indeed the language is broken right now. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon. In the meantime, I guess people should use the automatic Google Translate or “muscle” memory.

The problem seems to be already solved by the Xobor Team - that was very quick!!!

I always see German in certain areas, hopefully they finally fixed that during this update
Thanks for reporting to them Fernando