[Solved] How to extract Asrock P67 extreme4 official bios?

The mobo was brick by flashing the modded bios.

And I found the official bios is EXE format that I couldn’t flash it by SPI programmer.
How to extract it?Thanks!!


@gloobox - This is not suggested, you will loose your serial, UUID, and probably LAN MAC ID TOo. Please send me your bricked BIOS dump from programmer, then i will fix it for you.

Also, please make sure you’ve linked me to the correct BIOS above? This is not a Gen3?

What mod do you need done? If you want, I can do this while I fix BIOS for you too.

As for actual BIOS extraction from EXE here, I will send you PM

The tool you show me works!

Let me tell you the truth!
My workmate let me mod his mobo for supporting NVME.And I dumped by fpt and modded the bios,and send it to him,and teach him how to flash the bios.
And he told me the mobo was brick.

After I did a survey of him,I get things straight finally!!
What surprises me is that he found new bios in official website(L3.19),and he decided to update it by himself at first.His mobo shut down suddently during the update progress by the power outage.

So it’s nothing to do with my modded bios,haha.

You’re welcome! So, after he was using your mod BIOS, later he flashed new BIOS and power lost during update? If yes

If you want to keep his board specifics, NVRAM, Serial, LAN ID Etc, you’ll need to dump the original contents and make a new BIOS with those details extracted and inserted into the stock BIOS.

I just repaired an ASRock P67 Extreme 4 that suffered a bad/incorrect BIOS flash.

You have to be really careful because there are 3 versions of that ASRock board (and many poorly labelled BIOS out there);

1. Asrock P67 Extreme 4 B2 (recalled due to SATA controller issue but there are still some out there)
2. Asrock P67 Extreme 4 B3
3. Asrock P67 Extreme 4 Gen 3 (this model has PCE-e 3.0 support for Ivybridge)

The 3.19 Beta is for the Asrock P67 Extreme 4 B3, so make sure it’s the right board.

[Edit] Here is 3.19 extracted if needed;

P67EXT43.19.rar (4.07 MB)

No,he update the official bios first arbitrarily,and Gods punished him by the power outage.

Was B2 version adapted to the 3.10?But we couldn’t see any B2 version except GIGABYTE P67.
Thanks for your advise,I flashed the 3.19 by FPT programmer,and mobo works.
Btw,How did you get the bios file?Did you have this kind of other ASROCK P67 bios?

B2 was never officially given any updated BIOS as it was recalled at launch but some wholesalers had already passed some on.

To unpack the BIOS file I used a utility called AMIUCP.