[Solved] Lenovo Flex 5-14ARE05 bricked/black screen

Hi have the same problem with a brick Lenovo in the middle of a bois update.

Got me a bios chip reader/burner but failed to success with flashing the bios and editing it.

anyone can assist with editing the bin file and adding my laptop SN?


Thanks in advance!

Post / attach the dump / backup of the bricked firmware.

When extracted the original damaged bios I accidentally pull only 512kb…
And then erased it
Is it possible to managed without the full bios?

Possibly if you find the Lenovo tools somewhere. Some Lenovo bios updates for Thincentre ask for new serial, but I’ve seen Laptops updates mostly not asking.

I downloaded the bios 1 and bios 2 files that were posted here and bios 2 was successfuly loaded and the laptop is back to life!!
Thanks for the info, great forum