[SOLVED] Lenovo Flex 5-14ARE05 bricked/black screen

You yourself. There’s lots of information in this forum regarding use of a programmer.

SPI chip type and voltage you’ll have to find out yourself

Dump the bricked bios and attach it here do that one can have a look into it.

What were the symptoms of your daughter’s laptop? I think I’m in a similar cirmcumstance where my 14ARE05 shows no sign of life apart from a brief flash in the power light when plugged in.

I have a story behind what happened to my unit and am open to sharing it in a PM. I believe your process might help me revive my laptop, and would like to be able to contact you at points of assistance.

@RookiePaw If you want an answer from a special person address the member directly. Otherwise your post might not get recognized.

Your “story behind” has to be quite valuable as you’re promoting it as an ‘offer’ via PM. Most people are just happy to find some help to get their machines up and running again…

Welcome to the Win-Raid forums!:

@Peterson Did you have progress dumping the bricked firmware?

I’ve just bought a programmer off Amazon, but I can’t the drivers for it. I’ve done a handful of Google searches. What keywords/specs should use? The “run” light on my programmer hasn’t come on either, but I think that has to do with the missing drivers. That and the “Error connecting CH341(-1)” in AsProgrammer are my current problems.




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Saya juga mengalami kejadian yang sama. Idepad flex 5 14ARE05. S/N : R90Y3VZH mohon di bantu modifikasi program ic bios saya🙏