[Solved] Modify BIOS version Panasonic CF-RZ6


I keep tried unlocking FIVR lock(XTU, Throttlestop) to do undervolting, but failed. What I tired is…

  1. Unlocked hidden menu >>> Disabled CFG lock, Overlock lock, SGX
  2. Replaced CPU microcode to 2017, 2018 version (pre Spectre, Plundervolt)
  3. Disabled Hyper-V & Vt-d
  4. Removed microcode update of Windows(mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll)
  5. Try from fresh Win 8.1(boot with USB)

Even I already did all of above, XTU and Throttlestop is still locked. So I think what I can do is downgrade the BIOS version, but Panasonic does not provide the BIOS image file and gives only installer(I checked with 7z, but there is no perfect image file).

Is there any way to modify the BIOS version to spoof the installer for downgrade?

Here is my dump and version is showing as V2.00L30

Solved by patching BIOS updater(with IDA Free)

Sorry to bother you, but I have the same model of Let’s Note and the same version of BIOS as in your original post (V2.00L30).

Were you successful in unlocking FIVR with the BIOS downgrade? If so, would you mind sharing your older BIOS version(s) so that I can give it a shot too?