[SOLVED] NVMe Boot support for SuperMicro X10SLL-F BIOS V3.3

I’d like some help please.
I’d like help modifying the Version 3.3 BIOS for a SuperMicro X10SLL-F to enable booting from NVMe connected to the 8x PCIe slot via a PCIe to NVMe adapter.
I’ve attached version 3.3 of the BIOS.
Would someone please modify the BIOS for me?

I tried modding the BIOS, and when I attempt to update with the modded BIOS, I get this error:
Reading flash … done
- ME Data Size checking . ok
- FFS Checksums … ok
bd - Error: Requested Rom Hole not available in ROM file

Does anyone have any idea what I did wrong?

I ended up getting it to work using these flags: afudos moddedbios.bin /p /b /n /s /r /k


X10SLL0.306.zip (4.02 MB)

moddedbios.bin.zip (4.01 MB)

@Lost_N_BIOS Would you mind checking my modded BIOS (moddedbios.bin.zip attached to the previous post) to see if I added booting from NVMe correctly?

Hi there! Did you succeeded to boot from NVMe drive on X10SLL-F?

@ginn13 : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
The BIOS, which has been attached to the start post, is fine and ready to be flashed, but I recommend to give it the same name as the original BIOS.
Good luck for the flashing procedure!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

@mdog474 : Since your problem was obviously not the BIOS modification itself (according to my check it was well done), but just how to get the modded BIOS properly flashed, I have moved your thread into the “NVMe Support for old Systems” Sub-Forum.
1. Did you modify the BIOS yourself or has it been Lost_N_BIOS?
2. Why didn’t you give the modded BIOS the original name (inclusive the extension)?

Hi, @Fernando ! Thank you for your recommendation. I’ll try to flash that BIOS and post here later. Can you please tell me the way to check what changes were made to this image?

@ginn13 : The only change was the insertion of the NvmExpressDxe_small.ffs module (there was not enough space for the bigger sized module).

I stumbled upon this site looking for this same solution. A couple questions:

- Is it okay to update using this bin file if the bios is newer that the one modded? (my current Bios is 3.08 vs this modded one of 3.06)
- I have access to update via IPMI, is this still recommended?