[Solved] RAID0 on the boot partition slow in write

Those 4k write numbers are really low on the C drive. On another none system boot partition though, they are ok. around 200MB/s for those 4k writes.
Any idea why?


Have you checked both Write-Cache Policy options? Look here:

Disk Drive Policies Settings.png

Turned on now but there is still no improvements. May have something to do because it is the OS on this boot partition? other partitions on the same RAID0 is much faster.
The ASSSD shows "31K-BAD" in red for this partition. what does it mean?

That means a bad alignment.
Please look at >this< video, where you will get a solution as well.

Cool. Didn’t know there is a thing called “partition alignment”.
Fixed it by using the MiniTool partition Wizard. There is a align partition function in the tool. worked for me. But back up your partition/drive first.

Thanks for your feedback.
It’s fine, that the problem has been solved. I have customized the thread title.