[Solved] Tool to dump all uuid from BIOS

REQUEST: I’m looking to change the BIOS splash boot logo on a motherboard and the Change Logo Tool v.5 that I found freezes [ Not Responding / locks up ] after hitting replace image.

I’d like to try dumping all the modules, finding the UUID of the splash image and then replacing with UEFITool. I read there is a tool called PMT259 that can do this but I can’t find it anywhere.

Is this tool or similar available?

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@ Fernando : thanks for making my request clear

Found UEFIFind and UEFIExtract in UBU so maybe I have solved my own request.

uefifind bios.bin body list
uefifind bios.bin all list

Its been a long time since I wrote Win .BAT file so here goes:

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
set "uuid_cnt=0"
for /F "delims=" %%f in ('uefifind bios.bin all list') do (
set /a uuid_cnt+=1
set "uuid[!output_cnt!]=%%f"
mkdir dump
for /L %%n in (1 1 !uuid_cnt!) DO uefiextract bios.bin !uuid[%%n]! > dump\!uuid[%%n]!

There is also UEFIReplace , after find JPG in dump, replace and re-flash BIOS

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