[Solved] VBIOS on Laptop updated, Aspect Ratio changed... how to correct?

I did successfully tranfer my OEM VBios Settings using Intel’s BMP into a newer version. It works, however now my aspect ration on boot changed from 16:9 to 4:3. I did already try different settings in VBios and Bios in order to correct this, but nothing worked.
What exactly do i have to change in order set the correct aspect ration or probably set the correct resolution, because it was before the update stretched…?

Laptop: Medion (Asus mainboard, equevalent is Asus A52-Series) X6815, HD3000
Screen: 1920x1080, 32 Bit (Samsung 156HT01-201)
Old VBios: 2108
New VBios: 2172
All files including the original VBios and the transfered settings extracted using 2108 are in the Zip.

VBIOS.zip (175 KB)

I found the solution for the aspect ratio. It’s the “5F34h - Set Panel Fitting Hook” which has to be disabled. Now my splash screen is streched again, but the following boot screen is properly scaled without any stretching.