[SOLVED]!!! Z170 Mod for Kabylake and Coffeelake on P870DMG Board - New Bios works great!

I already updated the microcode myself, flashing is no problem either, but initializing the board for Kabylake and Coffeelake doesn’t work. I tested the microcode for Kaby/Coffeelake only SkylakeUpdate worked. I know the bios has to be prepared for multi cores, I don’t know how to do it yet! Does anyone know how to do this on the P870DMG?

Here is a link to a modified P870DM(x) BIOS modified by dsanke (a user on this forum);

Clevo Modified BIOS on Google Drive

You might want to have a look at this page for information about applying the mod and flashing the BIOS.

Thanks for quik answer!:slight_smile:

Thank you…

Ive tested it.

I tested the bios for the P870DMG. It all works perfectly! I’m writing with this laptop and the new Bios! It’s great, these CPU generations work 6./7./8./9.!!! And even up to GTX1080 there is support from Bios included so no graphics drivers need to be modified - install driver ready.
A small disadvantage is still, the headphone input must be operated with Windows drivers. Do not install a Realtek driver. Then install the Clevo Control Center from the Clevo page for the model with the version number V5.0001.0.50!!! Then everything runs perfectly…

Here is the link for interested people:

6c=Hexacore http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/…laptops.821694/
8c=Octacore http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/…laptops.825558/

Have fun:-)

Nice! Good to see you got it going :).