Some questions related to the Helios 300

First of all, I am new to the world of UEFI firmware modifications.
I have never done this before, and I preferably would have liked to avoid it if my firmware came factory unlocked :o

I have a Helios 300 (ACER-PH315-53-74EH), the model with 3060 and 10870h, and I would like to unlock undervolting and XMP profiles in my firmware.
It seems to be UEFI firmware made by Insyde Corp.
The firmware is available on the website, and I am currently on version 2.0.4.
I am unable to post links, but you can find it on Acer’s website by using this part ID : NH.QCYSI.008.

I looked at some guides, and they suggested using a SPI programmer.
I am uncomfortable opening my laptop, I would prefer using a method that does not require me to do so.

Since the firmware is already available on the website, I assume I don’t have to back it up?
Also, after modifying it, is there any way to write it to EEPROM without using a SPI programmer? I know it is unsigned, and that most firmware check for signature verification before allowing a firmware update.
Would it be possible to write this to EEPROM using an EFI program, as you cannot access it from Windows? Or, if there’s another solution, I would love to hear about it!

The main reason I want to unlock undervolting via UEFI firmware is because Windows 11 with VMX support prevents you from accessing registers to undervolt, so programs like ThrottleStop will not work, unless VMX support is disabled.

Also, I have just been made aware of the existence of a piece of software called “BACKUP_Tools”, which seems to dump InsydeH20 UEFI firmware settings/variables.
It seems like this software has the capability to “unlock” the UEFI firmware if you can do so by changing settings.
I would like to know how the variables are viewed/modified, they seem to be in hexadecimal, is a hex viewer used for it?
I don’t want to be spoon-fed, but rather try to do it on my own.
Specifically hoping @Sweet_Kitten can answer, because you seem to know how this works well.