Sony Vaio E series windows xp installer drivers.

Hi to u all…I have a SONY VAIO E SERIES SVE141D11L …It has Intel Core i5 2.50ghz, IVY Bridge, HD 4000 8gb Ram, 700Gb HD Win 7 64bit…I would like to install windows xp on it…But as u know i get a BSOD…Could u all please guide me to the correct Drivers I need to slipstream into the windows xp cd so i can install windows xp on it? I can’t adjust any settings in the bios the bios settings are basic and limited…I would really appreciate this information.

@ platinumsteel:
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Now to your problem:
If you are still able to boot Windows 7 with your system, please run the Device Manager, look into the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and - if applicable - the "Storage Controllers" section and post the DeviceIDs of the listed Intel(R) SATA or RAID Controller. You will find the DeviceIDs, if you do the following: Right click onto the Intel SATA Controller > "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs".
Important are just the 4 characters behind the "DEV_" of the DEV_XXXX entries.


Ok thanks a lot for that information…Would take me a few days to get back that labtop…Cause it was a customer’s sony vaio.As soon as I get back that information I would give it to you…But by the way do u think it can be done once u have that information? Reason I asked I wanted to give the customer a good excuse so i can get a second chance at it…lol.

As soon as you tell me the exact name and DeviceID of the in-use SATA Controller, I will give you the informations
a) which driver you have to integrate into the XP CD and
b) which SATA Controller you have to check while doing the integration of the AHCI or RAID driver.