Sony Vaio SVF15213CXW shuts down every 30 minutes

Hello guys hope all of you are ok…
I’m new in this forum and don’t know how to use bios programs to mod or any programming tool to bios chips… So I really want to save my laptop and keep able to play some games on it and work.

I’m using a abandoned Sony Vaio SVF15213CXW that and ex girlfriend gave to me but I never could make it run cause she crashed that laptop with a wall in a KAREN Mood time, and the touch glass broke off and the screen case… But when I finally make it work again everything was ok mobo is working good and everything else ram cpu even changed the hdd but suddenly it started to shutdown exactly at 29 or 30 minutes on clock, I was thinking it was thermal problem but it wasn’t tried everything but nothing worked… and then I found info about it may be a problem with the ME or Anti-Theft mode that was triggering the shutdown and I couldn’t mess with those files because I don’t know how to… So I was wondering if someone could help me with this problem and let me know what you might need to help me with this problem, I can provide some info about the specs of the laptop and the current bios version that I downloaded from Sony for the moment, if you need something else let me know what and how to get that info for you.

Sony Vaio Model SVF15213CXW
Processor: Intel Core i3-3227u
Ram: 8gb 2x4
Bios Version: R0250DA

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