Special bios? HP XW6200 Workstation


i got a HP XW6200, that has a special bios-type. It is a Rompaq/Softpaq which can be updated under Windows or used with DOS and diskette/cdrom/usb-stick.
I extracted the bios-file, but no of my tools are able to open or modify the file.
Attached file is a .cab-file (renamed to ending .rar), which contains rom.bin and rom.sig - i guess last one is like a signature or keyfile to avoid wrong flashing or downgrading.

Download: http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp33501-34000/sp33952.exe
Site: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/publi…093#tab-history

Any ideas how to extract(?) this biostype?

786B7.rar (346 KB)

@ Ludolf:
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No. I tried to open the Rom.bin file with several BIOS tools, but none of them worked.
I am sorry, but I cannot help you.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thats annoying…

The only tool which could read something was my hexeditor (really! ) and intel microcodelist.exe. I guess microcodes are never compressed in bios-files.

An Hex Editor can read the code of every BIOS.
By the way: Not even andyp’s PhoenixTool was able to extract the BIOS modules.

Yes, that was ironic.

I tried also Phoenixtool, MMTool and many others…so, can anyone “read” something from hexeditor? Perhaps it is in a special way compressed or encrypted. It is like Apples special boot rom, which never had been decrypted, modded or any explanation of the exact function.

For unpacking you can use this utility in DOSBox. But how to repack the file, this I don’t know. You should probably work with the content of the BIOS chip, by dumping it with a programmer.

Dead link.

If you mean compdeco from Veit Kannegieser, it isn’t working with that bios.

The file is attached and was tested as working. But the reverse process is harder, because you have to reverse the compression format, the map format, then to patch the flasher to ignore the signature.

hpdeco.0.1.rar (48.2 KB)

Ok, that was working fine. But if nobody knows how to compress and map it again, working is useless.

ok I no this is an old post .But I have came across the same kind of problem.I have an HPxw6200.I want to set the bios to except the PAXVILLE CPU .It is a DUAL CORE P4 .

I want to take a xw6200 bios and upgrade the cpu microcode to take the Paxville CPU 2800DP/4M/800 sl8ma.The 2 main boards share the same chip set.I am really ne to this ,but I have read a lot and this has been done.