Speculation about AMD Zen 3 and older X370/B350/A320 Chipset Motherboards

As many people know, in less than a week there will be a big announcement regarding Zen 3, supposedly launching by the end of the month.

Some months ago, AMD was under fire because they had announced that only 500 series Chipsets would support Zen 3, but after enough angry voices shouted out loud, in May AMD decided to extend official support to 400 series Chipsets. Supposedly, there wasn’t any technical limitation that doesn’t allow Zen 3 to work in first generation AM4 Motherboards, just that the Flash EEPROM sizes were usually too small (16 MiB) and Motherboard manufacturers didn’t wanted to maintain multiple Firmware forks for the same Motherboard with trimmed stuff for each Processor generation (This already happened, I think MSI dropped some features like the RAID Option ROM for every new Processor supported).

Given the fact that there are already some BIOSes wandering around that already have the minimum AGESA that may support Zen 3, do someone believes that support for Zen 3 in 300 series Chipsets can be shoehorned in? Based on what I know, it seems that it is highly possible. If so, prepare for the flood of requests, heh.

Someone managed to get Zen 3 working already on old Motherboards, so we have the proof-of-concept that it is viable.

On this particular Post, there is a Ryzen 5900X running on an AsRock A320M-HDV. The BIOS version is censored. Microcode A20F10 / A201009

One of the beta BIOSes with Zen 3 support has leaked, it is for an AsRock A320M-HDV. It is linked here: https://www.chiphell.com/thread-2274538-1-1.html
File name is A320M-HDV R4(L4.11).zip. Sadly, I can’t download it because it needs a Baidu account. Someone else may want to be the middleman to upload it for public…
Middleman found! A reddit user uploaded it elsewhere: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/jr…rbzc/?context=3

I’m curious about if any of the BIOS gurus can do some magic and figure out how to deal with the new AGESA, and whenever it is already portable to other Motherboards. No one from the major modders wants his 30 mins of Internet fame? I want to see @Lost_N_BIOS in the news. Go get them!