SSD Self-Encryption Drives in RAID

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First, excuse me if I made this thread in incorrect place, excuse me for my English, and I want to say thanks to this forum’s administration (administrator?) for really useful and interesting forum.

I just a user who bought my first disk with SED — hardware encryption system, which can well protect data from unwanted attention. Manual on a vendor website says, that you must just enable password in BIOS to get encryption working on SSD. But I had no opportunity to test this, because I started using my drives in RAID0 mode. And now I have a question: how can I enable SED on my SSDs?

I try to google information, and everything that I found it is existence of some RAID controllers which can work with SED. Here I must say, that I use my Intel Z68 motherboard RAID controller, and it will be very bad, if SED can not be turned on without expensive and probably rare controllers.

So please, if you know how to enable SED or where I can get more info — tell me.

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I am sorry, but I cannot help you regarding SED, because I don’t have any own experience with it.
Maybe >this< site may answer your question.

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