SSD Thread ?

Hi buddy -
Maybe an SSD Thread for updates etc as it all ties in with Hardrive performance , Raid, Ahci etc etc.
Start with this !…/downloads.html
Samsung SSD Updates 830 and 840 models…

Hello Snout,

welcome at “Win-RAID Forum” and thanks for your suggestion.
It has already been realized by creating >ths< additional Sub-Forum.


@Fernando. I have any problem with LOGIN to site. I can LOGIN only via link from e-mail.

Hello Michael,
since I am making holidays far away from home, I cannot help you before Monday.
Which is the error message you get while trying to get access to the Forum?

Hello, @Fernando!
Problem solved. From browser’s bookmark, with saved Login and Pass - something like that doesn’t exist. But I received e-mail from forum’s robot and following link Login normally. Now Login from browser normally too.
@Fernando, Thanks a lot!

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