SSD vs HDD Latency ?!

I used hdd all my life and soon im going to get ssd. My question is if it has lower latency because hdd ( especially when using generic ms driver ) has huge latency i saw spikes to 3000 ms in device manager once it started to load few things at the same time. So my question is ssd capable of having 0-10 ms latency all the time while multitasking? The difference between intel ahci driver and generic ms is huge ( stability wise because bandwith is not changing just i can tell everything is "right in place" and not delayed like on ms generic drivers). What about ssd and latency?

SSD is a must on win 10 . Today i upgraded from hdd and the difference is really big.

difference between the two really is something.for ssd nearly x10 or more (response and read/write), and driver-wise still makes some difference,mostly neglectable (ms vs achi,nvme counterparts)
first of all you need proper Intel’s RST/RST(e) AHCI/RAID Driver for your build,check the Fernando’s topic,grab the rest of the drivers needed for your hardware into a usb along with the windows media installation tool
then mount your new ssd and make a clean install of windows 10

Mechanical vs Electrical Signals - that’s the difference. Steam Engine vs Shinkansen

When i changed from hdd to ssd i felt the diffrence
do it man dont even wait.

@podkaracz :
To give you a rough idea…

Samsung 850 Evo SSD

WD 1TB HDD (2.5")

As for me would be better to use ssd.