SSDs Performance Boost by Data Caching Tools under Windows

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This threat is to share experience when using various specific Tools to boost SSDs performance (SATA or RAID or NVMe) when using Data Caching Tools.

Historically the Samsung MAGICIAN Software offered a ‘RAPID’ mode using a such technology to boost Samsung SSDs devices under Windows OS.
However, the experience was not very succesfull, for me, due to the PC system instability, and I never succeed to reproduce successively the same bench figures.
RAID0 is not supported, only one SSD device supported at a time, activation painful needing a PC Restart and finally I have never seen a real boost at daily work.
For memory here are a set of “RAPID” mode screenshots captured on P8Z77-V Deluxe (December 2013):






A final reason I have abandonned this solution is the new MAGICIAN v5.0 does not start on my PCs ! (may be conflicting with some others applications).
Fully uninstall MAGICIAN v5.0 is also a problem as many traces does remain. No Samsung clean tool is available.

Recently, Fernando gave me the tip regarding the performance boost of the PrimoCache tool from Romex Software and a link to >this< AnandTech thread.

The PrimoCache Tool does use data cache technology.
Cache parameters applied to the SSDs to optimize are multiple.
You can totally personalize each devices of your PC, on the fly. No need to reboot. You can memorize the best profile you have tested.
After a PC shutdown, all your cache parameters settings do remain intact.

Here are a subset of PRELIMINARY tests done with Samsung NVMe SSD devices such as 960 EVO and 960 PRO and also Samsung SATA SSDs devices such as 850 PRO RAID0 mode.

PC Drivers Configuration for these preliminary tests:


Samsung SATA 850 PRO RAID0 2TB:



Samsung NVMe 960EVO 500GB:





Samsung NVMe 960 PRO 1TB:










@100PIER :
Thanks for your interesting tests.
These are the main questions I have:
1. Did you feel the performance boost while doing your daily work? If yes, how much?
2. Has the performance boost any negative effect on the stability of the system?
3. What is your impression about the PrimoCache tool? Do you recommend to use it? Is it better than using Magician’s “Rapid Mode”?
Just to add, what you forgot to mention: It was me who gave you the tip regarding the performance boost of the PrimoCache tool and a link to >this< AnandTech thread.

@Fernando ,
Sorry, I was in a hurry when posting last night a subset of about 20 tests I have done. (it takes time to learn a new Tool).

YES, please can you build a “starter post” with the history and your reference to AnandTech thread and then displace my post.
i don’t know how do that.
Is the title correct ? Is ‘upgrade’ the right wording ? ‘optimize’ better ? ‘boost’ better ?
Yes, please adapt and modify at the best what you think for this new topic.

To reply to your questions:

1) I have done tests on a specific PC TEST configuration with a minimal applications installed (benchmark tools) on and no internet connection.
This was done for security reason and to learn the Tool.
So, I plan to unstall the Tool on my daily PC configuration, after that I"ll be able to reply to the question.

2) The extraordinary performance boost has absolutely no negative effect on the stability of the system. No freeze, no problem, nothing strange: I am ‘bluffed’.
When you shutdown the PC, and Reboot later on you get absolutely intact all the cache settings you had before the shutdown. No lost, no bad surprise.
It is perfect.

3) This PrimoCache Tool is quite recommendable.
But it takes time to learn and understand and experiment the numerous caching options.
I think it is more a Tool for geeky which have a good knowledge of Memory/cache technology to get the best figures.
However, a standard user like me can also used it easily in a secure way at no risk and get very good figures.
Interface is very easy and you can fully personalize your PC system , independently for each Devices storage, and for even for a same storage you can modify settings in real time according to kind of usage you want (temporarily or not).
The interest of the tool is you can experiment easily. It is a flexible tool.
Magician “rapid” mode is out. (Magician v5.0 does not start on my PCs. I recommend to clean any Magician traces into your PC)

@100PIER :
Thank you very much for your reply and for the answers you have given to my questions.
After having read your first test results and seen the nearly incredible benchmark scores you got, I am pretty sure, that I will try the PrimoCache tool in the near future.

No, you are the thread starter and have done all the tests. So you should stay the author of the start post.
What you can do is to add a sentence about how you got knowledge about the existence of a tool like PrimoCache with a link to the related AnandTech thread.

You can edit the text of your start post and the title of the thread at every time according to your wishes.

It is up to you how you name the title. My personal favorite title would be “SSD Performance Boost by Data Caching Tools”, but this would require a comparison of different data caching tools (I only know Samsung’s Magician and Romex’s PrimoCache, but there may be others). Most important for me is, that this thread contains test results and evaluations of different tools and doesn’t look like a one-sided promotion for a special tool, which is offered by a special Software Manufacturer.

@Fernando ,
OK, I will modify at the best the look and feel and also do some others modifications/additions.

Great post !!! I buy the program without hesitation…