Startech USB-SATA Adapter failure

The USB3_WIN7_2021 driver works perfectly for me on up to 7th gen Kaby Lake boards.
Although this driver installs on later generation boards, there is a problem.
It does not recognize the Startech 2.5" SATA SSD To USB Adapter.
(I have many older ssd’s that have been replaced by larger sized ones. I want to use them as external temp backups rather than dump them.)

Starting with the ASUS H310 8th gen Coffee Lake board, the non-recognition appears with 3 short monotone beeps, when the Startech unit is plugged in, instead of the two short low-high normal beeps.
Changing to the USB_5.0.3.42 driver solves the problem; the Startech unit works.

But, the 10th gen Comet Lake H510 board has no such equivalent USB driver (at least not for Win 7), and therefore relies on the USB3_WIN7_2021 driver support.
So no Startech external SSD temp backups.

Chatting on the Startech website yields the Startech response that the USB driver “must be upgraded to the latest for the adapter to work”.

Is an upgrade to the ubiquitous USB3_WIN7_2021 driver available?

The Realtek RTL9200 USB3 to M.2 SATA adapter also faces this problem. It works perfectly with a Coffee Lake board and it’s USB driver, but will not work on a Comet Lake using the USB3_WIN7_2021 driver.
So I can’t utilize the leftover small size M.2s.
It is interesting how the person who built the USB3_WIN7_2021 driver combined the host and hub .inf files into one, wound up with 6 files instead of 8 after the mod, and installable just about everywhere. Can this be done with a newer driver?