Station-drivers is up again.

After server crash S-D is back, but with uncertainty if the site will continue,
please give your opinions in this thread:
I personally would hate to see station-drivers disappear!

Thanks for the info.

That is what I will do.

So do I.

Can’t log in to post.

Station Drivers and Fern’s win-raid site are the most needed sites on the web.

I can’t live without them.

All personal data seem to be lost there.
You will have to register again. You can use your former nick name and eMail address.

Can’t log in to post.

Station Drivers and Fern’s win-raid site are the most needed sites on the web.

I can’t live without them.

Yes, there was a problem with sending out activation emails, but Contact Fdrsoft,
he should be able to activate the account manually, if it is still so.

Yes, the situation is still the same. The transfer of the eMails with the activation code doesn’t work.
Read >this< (in French language).

There is still no chance to get registered the usual (automatic) way at Station-Drivers. How shall the users vote for a continuation of the Forum, if they have no chance to get registered?
Since I believe, that fdrsoft (Admin of Station-Drivers) has already enough problems, I do not dare to bother him to do the registration for me manually.
I have no idea what to do in this situation. Obviously all data have gone lost - and no backup seems to be available.

I went and re registered but it’s been 27hrs and no email.

I’ll wait a few day’s then if I don’t hear anything I will send him a email.

For drivers, it’s the best site there is, I really can’t live without trying the newest drivers out. The driver page is also a must have. An example, some mobo MGF remove older BIOS post’s when they have a new BIOS they don’t want reverted, if problems arise
you can’t back flash because there is no older BIOS, but station has them listed.

We love station we love station we love station

At Station-Drivers I have just seen this announcement:

Station-Drivers announcement.png

This means, that fdrsoft will continue, but change the server. So we will have to wait until the end of August, before we will see Station-drivers fully up again.

Since Station-Drivers will not publish new driver, firmware and ROM versions until the end of August (or later?), I would like to know, if there is any other site, where I can find unofficial or leaked drivers or OROM modules.
Someone gave me the link to a chinese site, but I don’t find this link anymore.
Who knows an alternative site, which can be visited until Station-Drivers is back?

Thanks in advance!

Hard to find good alternativ sites, but here is two that sometimes have something new.

Now station-drivers email activation works, new design on the page also.

Thanks for the info. My account has already been successfully recreated.