Station-Drivers sites are either down or very slow

It is really annoying, but my favorite partner site is either not available at all or very, very slow and accompanied by a lot of promotion popup windows, which are not easy to be closed.
Maybe Pacman can tell us more about the origin of all these problems.


I reinserted their URL into my “favourites” today because I had the same issue. I made a google search and opened the “driver” site directly, only that worked. After I checked: my old “favourites” entry didn’t work, the new one did. Also I recommend to use the 2 tools “Adblock plus” and “Ghostery” against pop up’s and commercial.

Regards hanson

Thanks for the info.
Can you please post the working URL to Station-Drivers? The URL address doesn’t work at all.

I use this one right now:

Aaah, there is just needed to delete the "www" before "station-drivers".
You are right: This site is much faster now!

speaking of Station drivers, does anyone know what’s the deal with the site? It’s all in french with no option to switch to english at all. I understand the owner is obviously french and as such hates anything english, but the site is often pretty much unusable, because I have absolutely no idea what am I looking at 90% of the time. It’s even worse after they overcomplicated it for some weird reason a few months ago. You keep clicking and clicking, and when you expect to end up somewhere you can finally download from, you click some more. Clicking on most links on the main page takes you to some weird forum instead of the download categories. Ok, there is an arrow icon to the right, if the text on the left was a link to the forum, surely this should take me to the download section? Wrong, you end up in the same forum. Just WTF.

I can’t even download anything, because I am getting error message (I think! - some weird text halfway through the page) saying “Désolé, vous avez atteint votre limite de téléchargement autorisé”.

My god, the site was awesome source of drivers year ago, and they somehow managed to turn it into awkward klingon guessing game.
This is not a rant at all, just pure frustration.

You can post in english language and usually will get an answer in english as well.

I agree with your criticism. It is not easy to navigate through the Station-Drivers sites.