some time ago I made a donation to the station-driver site, the problem is not that but the impossibility of recovering my account because it seems that my email in their archives is non-existent

Have you talked to Fdrsoft? He might be able to recover it.

Unfortunately this is a long-term problem of the Station-Drivers site resp. of the related Software. As Pacman has recommended I contacted fdrsoft 1 or 2 years ago regarding this issue, but he obviously was not able to solve the issue forever.
It happens very often, that I cannot log-in automaticly. Although my browser has stored the correct access data, I get from time to time suddenly the following error message:

S-D error message.png

Joomla\CMS\Cache\Storage\FileStorage::_deleteFolder Failed deleting index.html

JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 293

tested with chrome 87.0.4280.141 and edge 87.0.664.75 both 64bit versions on windows 10 (with/without extensions)
on chrome sometimes downloads are not working

The "Unable to load user with ID: 293" error is because Fdrsoft deleted my account once by mistake :slight_smile: i was user 293, so just ignore that.
The other error, i will tell Fdrsoft.
One thing to remember when S-D site is not working 100%, is that it is just Fdrsoft who handles all the server config, and the site is a hobby project, not a big comercial site with employes.
We do our best.

lol should be nice to see a constant reminder :smiley:
and you are doing a great job,thank you for that :slight_smile: