Stock BIOS for Cyberpower Tracer II VR 300.

Curious if anyone has the stock bios for the fore mentioned laptop. I believed they list is as NB-408-107. It came with the N1.02 version. Any help is welcomed and appreciated!. After loading the latest N1.05, my onboard gpu was bricked. Hoping this rollback can resolve that issue.

@duskraven - They will send to you, email them and ask for latest BIOS package only. Sounds like you flashed in a BIOS not for your model, probably didn’t have the vBIOS for your graphics card in there.

I used the one for my model provided on the website, but I’ll ask directly for the my specific one.

Well after a lot of back and forth with them, they cannot provide me the bios file. they tried to get me to update it again via "boot from efi shell" but that option does not exist in the bios menu. Any other suggestions?