Stop ignoring my threads please

why those people create threads for example today got insta fast reply and me or others with thread created in weeks not a single one ? cmon … at least say is impossible to do it .

@emanuel1996 - Bump your thread, not create a new one, this pushes your other one further down the list.
I doubt anyone is ignoring your thread, there is only so many people here that reply to help, and then only so many hours in the day.
There is just so many threads/requests for help, if you don’t bump your thread once every 24 hours or few days, then it will get buried very quickly.

On a personal note -
I am sorry if this is directed at me, I try my best to keep up and help everyone I can, when I can, as time permits, but there is NO WAY I can ever keep up with the massive amount of incoming request for help each day.
Please bump your thread every 24 hours or few days, I try to get into as many threads as I can each night when I am here, but I only have limited amount of time each night.

I view the forum like this, ONLY, that way I can keep up on incoming spam

This community is run for free (to its users) and as a hobby. Not as a business. There is no guarantee that someone will receive a reply and there shouldn’t be. There are multiple possible reasons for not receiving a reply such as human error, lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of interest on the topic, insufficient title/details, way too much irrelevant info (walls of text), multiple different things in one thread, bad/rude behavior etc. As Lost said, respect the people behind this community and try a few bumps every few days. Otherwise, let it go.

I see you made the same thread like 6 times, I’ll be blunt, that A320 board is as low end as it gets, as is the 220GE, its pretty much a waste of time doing anything for it when there is far more popular hardware so by extension anyone that has seen your thread(s) either has it on extremely low priority or simply no interest at all. C’mon man, you can get a X370 CROSSHAIR VI HERO for £90 used or a new MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX for £81 on ebay both of which would be substantial improvements for extremely little investment and you could probably sell that crummy A320 for £30-40.