Structure Information MCE extractor

Dear I am new to the forum and I want to understand some things, could you tell me what it means to say YES and NO, what does it mean, I don’t know if it means that it is present or that it is not, the truth confuses me, I would appreciate it if someone Can you clear this doubt for me? Using the MMtool there are bios that can not be loaded gives an error is there any other way to do it, I mean add the microcode

This is an English forum only.
LAST (version that we know/EoL of the micro code present in the file) YES or NO, damm sir…simple as that.
AMI MMTool is for AMI bios core versions (AMI8, APTIOIV, APTIO V), not H2O, PHOENIX, AWARD etc…and there is AMI Legacy (AMI8) bios and UEFI (APTIO) bios, the mmtool is not the same version for the 2 branches.

Alternative tools: UEFITool or manually HEX editor.

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