Structure of BIOS ASUS 2 advanced Menu

I try to show more option in advanced menu because I need to have the external graphic option.
Here, it’s seems to have multiple Advanced menu

I tried to go in the SETUP and extract the IFR text.
But I don’t know where to modify.

IFR seems to show CHIPSET

I think that the path to access the ADVANCED menu if modified by ASUS…
That’s not my skill for know, if some can give me some advice

Thanks in advance for explanations :smiley:

mod (7.0 MB)

[TOOL] UEFI Editor - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (

Yes I tried it but didn’t find what I wanted ! Perhaps I need to learn more about this tool

I did it successfully, not the good option but working