Suggestion: Win-Raid Facebook page?

Was thinking it may be a good idea to have a Win-Raid facebook page perhaps?

Maybe Twitter, but why?

Give the site more exposure. Maybe a bad idea. Nevermind.

I wouldn’t mind a FB group, it would make it easier to get BIOS-modding information to a slightly different audience.

I’m happy to do modmin work if the forum team can’t - I’m mod and admin on two Australian PC parts buy/sell groups.

Just for my understanding (Sorry, I’m not on fb and never will): Is there a way of syncing facebook and forum content or would this be two completely independent forks with different information?

Very bad idea to have FB, and yes could give the site over exposure, overloading his server. This site have to be a little bit confidential to keep it’s quality. (i have no Fb either, nor twitter!)

Bad idea all together. Even if zucki just seems to have found the light, which is just charade.

I’m sorry I suggested it. Was a bad idea.

Suggestions & ideas are always welcome, noone has to apologize for expressing them. If they are feasible and wanted by the community and the administration, then they might come to fruition.

In this case, officially, I would only consider twitter for quick messages regarding uptime, polls or similar. But I don’t plan for it now, maybe in the future. I know there is a twitter plugin at the forum settings but I don’t know what it does. For Facebook I only see disabled log-in options.

Well I appreciate that sentiment. Though my intentions in suggesting that was social in nature. Thank you.