Suggestions for CPU upgrade


I want to upgrade my AMD Turion MK-36 CPU (1 core - 2ghz - 31 watt) and I would appreciaye it if you could advise me on which of the two CPUs below makes sense to choose.

AMD Tyler TL-66 TMDTL66HAX5DC (2 core - 2.3ghz - 35 watt)
AMD Tyler TL-60 TMDTL60HAX5DC (2 core - 2.0ghz - 31 watt)

*The advantage of TL-60 is that it consumes 4 Watt less energy than TL-66 (less heat will be released)

*On the other hand, the advantage of the TL-66 is that it is 300 MHz faster than TL-60.
I am waiting for your suggestions

Thanks in advance