Supermicro X10DRU-i+: add ARI Support

X10DRU-i+ mb

Is it possible to “add” ARI Support (not ARI forwarding) to this mb?

@awedio - This is something only SuperMicro could add back in, you’ll have to contact them directly and ask for special BIOS.
It has been directly removed from this BIOS, but strings left in for it, so it used to be there and they can easily put it back

Thanks for the update & reply.
I will call SM on Monday!

@Lost_N_BIOS - If I may ask, why do you say "it used to be there"?

You’re welcome!

Well, I meant it was there in the Base BIOS used to create your BIOS, because it’s still left in there in the language and help strings
FormID (TitleID) and HelpID (SubTitleID) are still there for it >>
(1402) ARI Support
(1403) Enable or disable the ARI support

Hopefully they will make you a BIOS, sometimes they help with request like this

Thanks for the detail.
Last week, they made me a beta bios to try, so now I can go back & ask for this specific item!

Probably wouldn’t make sense to go find an “older” bios with ARI Support enabled?

You’re welcome! Good they already made you special BIOS at request, so you know what I mean
Why didn’t you ask them then? Hopefully they wont think you’re bugging them too much now with a new request.
I’d ask, before trying older BIOS, they may all have it removed.

I didn’t ask for ARI Support because I thought the problem was something else.

Long story…
I have a NVidia Tesla T4 GPU installed in a SYS-1028U-TNRTP+, but, vGPU does not work, the driver won’t install etc!
Yesterday, I moved the card to a SYS-2029BT-HNR, played with the bios settings & it all works.
If I disable ARI Support, vGPU does not work.

Ahh, well, sounds like that’s probably it then. I’ve never heard of this setting, or ARI anything being related to GPU working or not, but sounds like you found it to be the cause of work/fail for this card.
So hopefully they will make it visible for you or at least make BIOS w/ it enabled by default.

Well, I can’t take credit for finding ARI.
Last night, I just happened to read a Red Hat document about SR-IOV & GPU’s, saying ARI Support was necessary.
That’s kinda how I discovered it!

Well it may still remain in the BIOS, just disabled and setting removed from the menu, hopefully they’ll enable it or add it back to menu and make it visible for you
I searched the defaults for the title/help string ID’s to see if it was just hidden and not in the menu, so I could enable for you, but it’s not there unless it’s using different values for title/help vs what’s in the string file.

Once again, thanks for all the help.
I’ll be calling them Monday ASAP.

I have a curious question: why can’t such a change be made with one of the bios modding tools?

You’re welcome (see my edit above in case you missed it)
I can’t enable the setting, or make it visible, because it’s not there… Otherwise, if it was there and just hidden from you I could easily enable or and or make it visible etc.

Haha, I was typing too fast & missed your edit.

This is what you’re talking about? (see attached)