Supermicro X11DDW-NT -- Xeon Gold 6142 ES QL28 LGA 3647

Hey all –

Hoping you can point me in the right direction.

I’ve got a SuperMicro X11DDW-NT and 2x Xeon Gold 6142 ES QL28s. I am attemping to get this to run, but the board is hanging on the B9 or B7 error pages depending on which BIOS I’ve loaded.

I attempted to run UBU to add the correct microcode (as I’m assuming that this is a B0 stepping) to add the correct microcode to the BIOS. On Ebay they listed the X11SPi-TF as being compatible. I extracted the microcodes from this BIOS with UBU and entered them into the latest bios for this board, with no success. (Also set the manuf jumper to allow the entire BIOS region to be flashed)

Could someone point me in the right direction on what I need to do to get this thing working?

Supermicro X11DDW-NT –
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@cmoski Do you have a modded BIOS you can share? I have the identical components on order.

@proximaldis10s - Probably needs to be old rev 1 or rev 2 BIOS, not rev 3
* Edit - Working mod BIOS here in post #9, see post #16 for info - Scalable xeon ES won’t run on new Supermicro X11 boards after BIOS update- why?