SuperMicro X8DTI-F NVME support

Hello , new user here :slight_smile:
Was reading bios modding instruction a hundred times but I’m stuck at the first step :frowning: I try to open my bios file that i download from manufacturer (…500/X8DTi-F.cfm ;…wareItemID=6547 ) with MMtool v4.5 and it gives me “Error Loading Rom Image”. I can open it with MMtool v3,12 but i cant find CSMCORE or DXE . Need some help because it’s my first time attempting bios modding .
Thank you

@Bogotyr :
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Your Supermicro mainboard has an Intel 5-Series chipset and no UEFI BIOS. That is why you cannot open it by an AMI Aptio UEFI MMTool.
Since your mainboard BIOS neither contains nor supports UEFI modules, it doesn’t make any sense to modify it.
The only NVMe SSDs, which will be bootable with your system, are the Samsung 950 PRO Series ones. If you want to use another NVMe SSD as system drive, I recommend to follow either >this< or >this< guide.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you very much for fast replay. Now it makes more sense - just spent whole day trying to do something that is impossible :smiley: USB method it is then !