Supermicro X9dr3-f Hyperspeed Bios Mod

i sucsessfully moded my Bios for NVMe boot support. Thanks to Fernando!
Now i am wondering if there is any way to add some other features to my bios.
There are some Supermicro boards supporting “Hyperspeed” a feature, that allows to slightly overclock Xeons by BCLK.
Is there any way to add these functions to my Mainboards Bios or is it a physical part on the board, witch allows OCing?

@Merkstenix :
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Since I don’t have any experience with this kind of BIOS modification, I cannot help you myself. Please remember, that such BIOS modding is much more risky than an insertion of a natively not present BIOS module.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

please share your biosmod for x9dr3-f
thank you


ps: my mod results black screen.
progress code 06 (Microcode loading)

YOu may need to send that user a message, he only has one post from 2017, so may not even get email notification of message.

I can fix your mod, or do the mod for you. You only need NVME modules added correct? If you want me to check your mod, please upload and post a link here.
Did you also edit microcodes? If yes, maybe that is wrong too, let me know if you edited those and what method you used, and I will check that too.

Please link to stock BIOS page as well, so I can compare stock BIOS to your mod and go from there if I mod myself.

Did you try both NVME modules? if not, try the other one while you wait, maybe one is too big.

X9DRi8.712 original bios
x9dr3_nvme.rom only nvme mod
bios update not problem…CyxaJQV6vqAAX_m

NvmExpressDxe_small result is the same

step by step [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

@vlaci79 - FIT Table is broke, which directs the BIOS to microcode locations within the BIOS, this is why it’s stalled at loading microcodes I will fix and upload for you shortly!


Here is fixed BIOS, FIT Table corrected to new locations


Forgot to say, your mod looked fine aside from this!

Thank you for your work!
I’m sorry, but not a good post code 06 (black screen)
The cause of the problem ! uefitool 0.25.1!
mod bios basis X9DRi8.712
old uefi tools are good

Generated by WIN-SFV32 v1.0
uefitool_0223.rom 3FD1BF57
uefitool_0240.rom 3FD1BF57
uefitool_0250 from 3FD1BF57
uefitool_0251.rom F1F39252 does not work

OK, I didn’t consider much more past that causing the issue, so didn’t ask what tools used for your mod etc.

So you got it working now? And, is the FIT table stay OK/valid with old UEFITool? If yes, please report the issue in the UEFITool thread so he can try to fix on next update - I looked and found there is no official thread for UEFITool to report issues, guess we can only let @CodeRush know by tagging him
If FIT table is blank like shown above (In UEFITool NE Alpha), then it can cause slowdowns, hangs, incorrect or no microcodes to be loaded by the BIOS/OS, always best to fix this table when it breaks/becomes blank after edit.

If you need me to do it again I can, using the older UEFITool of course If yes, please upload your newly edited NVME Mod and I will fix FIT table

after bios update

boot ok.png

mod bios FIT table

mod bios FIT table.png

My english is not very good for error riport.?

Looks good, FIT Table OK! I think tagging CodeRush here to see your report is all we can do, he will understand once he reads our comments and checks the files.

There’s a project issue tracker on GitHub.

As for this issue, project maintainers will investigate, thanks for reporting it.