SuperMicro X9DRI-LN4F NVME support please help me

I use the SuperMicro X9DRI-LN4F server
and I have attached a WD blue 3D NAND SATA SSD hard drive
via a converter bar attached to the PCI
but when installing the operating system
namely Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012
then the server does not recognize the hard drive
What do I have to do to solve this problem
please help me
Thank you very much

What converter bar? If it’s really a SATA SSD, the ‘converter bar’ has it’s own SATA controller chip which would require a driver.

On a server board, there should be plenty of SATA ports available. (8x SATA2 and 2x SATA3 ports for X9DRi-LN4F+)
If you are using a SATA SSD, you should consider using the on-board SATA ports for OS installation unless you have no other choices.

If you are using a SATA to PCI Express adapter (I think this is what you mean by “converter bar”?) and connect your SATA SSD drive to the adapter, this is not NVMe - your drive’s native interface is still SATA.
Using an adapter in this case does not give you any benefit and your drive’s performance will be further affected by the adapter’s SATA to PCI Express chipset.

thank you
I will try it with another server