Superspeed USB 3.0 - Win 7

Hi guys,
I wanted to ask you for advice on USB Attached SCSI (UAS or UASP).

I have the following problem that I bought a SSD and want to use it externally via USB 3.0. Benchmarks revealed that the SSD reads/writes at ~200Mb/s, whereas I have seen people managing up to 500Mb/s.

The reason why I am not reaching 500Mb/s is the lack of UASP. This is supported by the Asmedia 1042 USB controller used in my notebook but Windows 7 does not support it. I don’t really want to change to Win10 because of lack of support of Samsung.
Basically a Windows 7 UASP driver needs to be added to system. I found out that ASUS’ USB 3.0 Boost tool includes this driver but it does not install on non-ASUS system, obviously (Enabling UAS On Older USB 3.0-Equipped Motherboards - Faster USB 3.0 Performance: Examining UASP And Turbo Mode). Unless, you modify the system information so that it sees a ASUS system.

It seems to be that this problem must have been experienced by many Win 7 notebook users due to the rise of SSDs. I couldn’t find a solution for it yet, but It must be relatively simple to implement this.

Help is much appreciated