Support for Serial Console COM Port BIOS Redirection in Lenovo Thinkcentre M92p and other Systems!


I’m trying to access the BIOS of a Lenovo Thinkcentre M92p via serial Cable. But my question is in general on how to access a system’s BIOS over Serial connection.

In other systems, I have to enable some thing called “Console Redirection” in the BIOS, for example in an Asus Q170 Board. to be able to acces the Bios via Serial COM Port connection.

In the Lenovo M92p BIOS I don’t have such an Option. Only one Option to disable or choose the IRQ Settings.

Under Windows the Serial Connection to the M92p works fine with Putty running on both systems, but I can not see the BIOS POST Messages of the M92p System over a serial connection.

I thought that being able to see the BIOS POST Messages over Serial connection is trivial, but it appears that the BIOS has to speciifically support this. I think the BIOS has to specifically serve the BIOS Infos over Serial port in order for this to work.

Is it correct that only a limited number of Boards and BIOS’s support Bios Access Over Serial Connection? Specifically don’t the Lenovo Thinkcentre Systems support BIOS Console Redirection?