Surface 4 pro bios problem


I have this image when i try to read it in ME analazer it give a lots of errors
Can any one solve the problem?
20220524_141227_SVOD3.rar (3.5 MB)

No problems here, CSE ME11.8.86.3877.

When i put the image on the ME analayzer it give errors like on pictures
could you see pictures and till why it give red errors?

Doesn’t come to your mind to at least check the version of the tool itself…plz use the brain or leave it as it is and deal with it.

platomav/MEAnalyzer: Intel Engine & Graphics Firmware Analysis Tool (

EDIT: The due respect was never an issue here, only brains…at it seems that really doesnt work at all…any user can see that the issue was identified and a link to the current tool version was provided, just you sir seems not, good luck on your endeavor, over_n_out.

I think it is better to have more respect and to answer the question that i have asked.
which version do i need to download?

now you haven’t solve my problem, it is better to use your brain to solve the problem and say which
version i need to use?

Just download the latest version, you are trying to open your image with a very old version that probably can’t deal with its structure.

Thanks for reply, i have download the files and there is no exe file to drop the file on it.
could you explain?

Did you read the README description on GitHub ?

The executable was removed due to antivirus false positive, hence you need to compile it yourself, or use the Python version with the Python script

Thanks a lot for your answer
i have install python and the three tools and everything works good

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