surface pro 4 bios broken! lost touch after clean ME region,please help!

The surface pro 4 cannot be started up. It can work after replacing clean ME regions, but the touch function is lost. I learned that the BIOS after 6 generations of CPU should keep the original ME file, Otherwise the touch will fail. But the BIOS file that I dumped originally detects with ME analyzer is to have a problem, I press the tutorial([Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization) of BBS to do can boot, how should do now?


dumped BIOS file that has some problem,no mod…839664661217619

cleaned me regions but no touch…327304199146527

The configuration of my computer is M3 processor, 4G running memory and 128gb hard disk


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@jason05 - 7zip, Zip, Rar all make great archives for sharing content online Sounds like you either have bad BIOS dump (ie do it again, but different, too late now though since you wrote to chip), or your ME FW was corrupted originally and dump was proper.
Provided you use the clean ME FW guide properly, all should be OK, but since ME FW may be messed up in dump that can carry over into outimage.bin after ME cleanup guide too.

Link me to BIOS download from Microcosoft, that you’ve installed to this system before.
Otherwise, there is no place to get original working ME FW configuration, there is too many “Surface Pro 4” variants for me to just grab random dump and think it would work on your system, needs to be correct one you’ve installed before.

When plutomaniac gets back, he may be able to help you fix the original ME FW issue you showed in image above.

What do you mean when you say “No touch I made”?? Did you try reinstall touch drivers? If not, uninstall them, and reinstall, it may fix the issue.
Best to wait until Pltuomaniac gets back for help on this one, he can probably fix your original ME FW in place as it is. I think he will be online for short periods in week or two, I will try to see if he can look at this when he stops in, if he can’t then you may have to wait until he gets back home in 5 months or so

i mean tha the .bin file is made by me,But it was a flop because there was no touch funtion. My surface pro 4 used to be normal, it bricked (black screen)after a update , I dumped the BIOS file and save,ME analyzer pointed out that it is a problem. then i try to clean the me region and fire back to the chip ,it boot and run ,but no touch funtion

OK, now I understand, thanks. You’ll have to wait for Plutomaniac to look at that when he gets back, he is the ME FW pro here. I can only do what you did, use the guide and clean/update etc.
The real problem here is the original ME FW as it was, has been corrupted, so you do not have a good working copy. And you don’t have a copy of your BIOS as it was before the update do you?
If you do, send to me so i can get it’s FID and try to find the correct exact BIOS for that model, then I can use it’s ME FW to fix yours probably. Without that there is no way to find correct BIOS for your system since there is so many different Surface PRO 4 variants and none use same BIOS
That’s probably why yours bricked initially, wrong BIOS, wrong ME FW etc during update…839664661217619
original FW i dumped after the computer die

@jason05 - Is that before you wrote anything to chip? If yes, good, thanks, Do you have any before that happened too, can be any software backup, or any old BIOS you KNOW you flashed in previously?
What model numbers do you see on case, anything? Tell me all numbers you see that may be model.

You already send me that file above, same as post one files correct

Try BIOS 02.bin with this ME linked below, replace ME region using UEFITool. These pulled from Random dump, that I updated for user in the past.
Here is file, I did for you just in case you aren’t sure what to do. Put on with flash programmer -

I also have one ME FW from Microsoft update package 11.7, but it’s unconfigured, and if I configure it with your current ME Settings I think it would fail same way.
In that package, I also see Touch FW/INF and EC FW files too, so you may just need to install/update those. There is also touch drivers (a few) in the drives part of the package
This is the package I extracted that i see this in >> SurfacePro4_Win10_15063_1802801_0.msi, but you can get latest package from here -…are-for-surface

yes ,before wrote anything to chip. sorry no backup since this time . i don’t know how to use UEFITool ,is there some guide?

I made file for you above just in case you didn’t, see link at filedropper and try that BIOS

how did you dump bios?, did you remove the metal plate around it?

can you show me a picture of your bios chip

@jason05 ^^ Please advise, I remember trying to help him dump and he said plate covering BIOS. I asked for image of that, maybe he’s not looking at correct area, or did you remove something to gain access to the BIOS chip?

the winbond chip where the metal plate has a dent

@aqwas - Yes, waiting on @jason05 to reply here and other thread about same question, and I never heard back from him about test BIOS I sent too, so hopefully he will reply soon about both things for us

i guess he aint coming back, anywhere else i could find an answer specific to SP4

That’s odd, I see he was online today!!! I wonder what gives, maybe he’s got notifications disabled or something and missed updates on this thread and times we’ve tagged him? @jason05
You may have to just bend that plate out of the way carefully If you do, be careful to not bend/crack the PCB there in case some traces run through that area.

my laptop. pro 4 lost touch after clean ME region bios ,please help me!
dump: >>>.…/pro+4.rar/file

How did you ‘clean’ the ME region?

Something went wrong here, UEFIToolNE and MEA report different versions, that’s not a good sign… FIT can’t read the attached file, so you’ll have to use the dump you used for cleaning.


thanks reply !
i have file bios ok
can you help me clear Me
dumped BIOS file >>>>.…le+old.BIN/file

Use the file you posted in #17, follow this guide to the letter: [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

no any way to fix the touch problem without backup?
please I just want to know, is this problem fixable or not?


Please help me, thanks in advance!

I dumped bios from my not working chip on my Surface pro 5 ( whenever click power on, the winodws logo would last 4 seconds, then black screen), the dumped file size only 1Mb. Said "No BIOS region section" when checked by UFEITOOL 0.28.0

And I tried download biso 16Mb from website (microsoft-surface-pro-5-m1007506-015-clear-me-bios), reflash to chip, pro5 is working now in everything, but lost touch function.

Can somebody help me by giving instruction to fix touch screen issue?