Surface pro 5, Bios corrupted

Hello, I am new to this forum, Excuse me, I hardly speak English, I ask for help to repair the firmware of my surface pro 5.
When I choose the option to recover the operating system from a pendrive, when I reach 100% I get an error “an error has arisen when resetting the equipment”. Install a Bios from another identical device, with this other Bios, the device works ok, which confirms that the firmware is corrupt.

It is necessary for my computer to keep its original serial number to activate Windows and to be able to log into the system that I use in my workplace. I have already tried cleaning the ME region but instead of improving more failures appear (it takes time for the Windows logo to appear, another time the logo appears and the equipment turns off, when I solder the original Bios again, the equipment turns on normal and that’s it It lets me enter the BIOS and boot with the pen drive, but it gives an error when the restoration is finished

Hi, Can you post the borrowed BIOS here ( that was working on your surface)?