Symptoms of BIOS problems

After flashing a BIOS with updated microcode (NCPUCODE.BIN) and and updated OROM modules (like Intel RAID 11.2), my machine goes into a boot/reset loop. The reset happens after the top few lines of the normal POST screen displays, such as the top lines which state the BIOS revision, and then a couple lines below to where it displays the line that displays the CPU: “Intel Xeon x5675 …” And then it immediately reboots.

Can anything be deduced as far as locating the specific issue by the fact that the POST screen displays some text, and it displays the CPU line before immediately resetting? My thought is this either means it’s the microcode/NCPUCODE.BIN – unless that’s loaded before the CPU line is shown (and so that would mean the microcode is fine).

If the microcode gets loaded before the CPU displays on screen, then does that mean the issue is with one of the OROMs?

Is there a way to tell if the issue has to do with some offset being misaligned, and if so, is there a way I can trace to which offset is causing the issue?

I tried finding old official versions of my EVGA E767 x58 BIOS (v81, v82) to compare with the latest official version (v83), to compare the hex and see what offsets remain the same + what changes, so I can be sure that my edits with various CBROM versions are working correctly. I’ve been using CBROM 198 to dump NCPUCODE.BIN, then 195 to reinsert it. But I have no idea where the particular problem is.