System Manufacturer cannot be changed! Help Please

Hi guys,

I’m from Turkey and if you know, computers are really expensive in Turkey. So I need your help to save my computer.

I will explain basicly. I have a notebook which is produced by MSI. However, it is rebranded by a local computer brand as “MONSTER”. Notebook model is GP76 11UE. We cannot use MSI applications like dragon center or nahimic in this notebook. Because of that, I tried to change the system manufacturer from MONSTER to Micro-Star International. I changed it once and it was ok. However, I need to change it back to keep my warranty. I cannot change it back with the way I did first time.

I used amidewinx64.ex in first change with “amidewinx64 /sm” code. This time I get error that shows “INIT SMBIOS ERROR”. I think bios is locked or DMI pool is locked.

Is there any way to fix it? I made a lot search on internet, however I couldn’t find any solution.

May CMOS reset work?

Thanks a lot.

I can share bios file if you need.