Testing a modded BIOS without flashing it?

Maybe a bit of a silly question. Lets assume one dumps a BIOS and gets it edited to unlock advanced features. Or downloads a modded BIOS. Or wants to test a BIOS from manufacturer without updating and not being able to downgrade later.

Is there a way to test how changes would perform without actually flashing it to the chip? Something like a "BIOS virtual machine" that would let you test it but without the risk of bricking the system as the default BIOS would not be overwritten? Either from Windows or USB stick.

I know some editing tools let you see the BIOS preview while in Windows, but the actual options related to the settings of the CPU/GPU/motherboard are not loaded in, naturally.
Any way to test things in a more safe way?

Xiii… errrrr… no, we do it in the hard way. Live or die…and an SPI programmer for reviving

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
I got the reprogrammer, will try it at some point just to read the chip and make sure I could do a revival if needed!
But if there are alternatives, I am all ears :slight_smile: