The key used to encrypt Intel CPU code extracted :


Does anyone know if the secret keys were released to the public?

I would like to decrypt to see the changes


Thanks for the reply, I thought hackers will be releasing the keys.

Somehow, for the first time I notice an improvement in the CPU after the last microcode update EA, a noticeable I mean by a lot.

When I open my video editor with 5 windows of video playing, before the CPU usage was between 40% and 50% and even more, now it is around 30%, I did a CPU-z benchmark, although I can’t remember exactly the score, but it was something around 390 and now it did 408, I could be wrong with the 390 it could have touched 400 but not 408 for sure.

I am curious what Intel did in this update, could they have activate the speculative feature with different approach maybe, maybe speculating data in a secure cache.

The problem I have already flashed the bios with the new EA microcode, I will not flash back the old microcode now to retest, but I am considering it.

Hopefully when these keys are released someone will upload them somewhere here,

thanks again

why bother :slight_smile: leave it like that and enjoy

Hi, It won’t be something so simple like changing bios at hex editor.
If I remember correctly only one person till this day actually replicated this exploit (one of coreboot engineer) and it took him over 1/2 year :slight_smile: