The Win-RAID Forum seems to be quite popular

@all members and visitors of the Forum:

Although I do not know the exact reason, the daily amount of Forum accesses has never been as high as since the 5th of March 2018 (ca. 60.000 or even more).
This statistics picture shows the daily web site accesses from January 2018 up to today (07th March 2018 10:00 CET):

Page accesses January-March 2018.png

Yesterday this Forum was even the absolute No 1 of my hoster’s “Top 500 Xobor Forums” ranking! Here is the related picture:

Win-RAID Forum No1.png

Thank you very much for joining this Forum!

Kind regards

I know for one a reference to Win-Raid was posted on the popular Dutch tech news website on the 5th,

Do you know the geolocation of these new visitors?

@RvdH :
Thanks for your reply and your idea about the reason for the Forum access boost on 5th March.

No. I only can see some information about the new Forum members, but not about the visitors.

And I promote at all the time. BIOS and SATA/RAID experts are one of the best here.

I suspect that Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities have drawn many visitors to sites with discussion and solutions. And UBU solution is the best one in the world.

The threads about Coffee Lake on Skylake/Kabylake motherboards are being promoted on various tech sites that I visit.

It’s good to see that people are still interested in modding.

It is well deserved IMO.

This forum takes some of the most complex PC topics and makes them very accessible. I keep a few WinRaid threads in my "updates" bookmark group, so a fair number of hits (for a single user) are from me.

@ygbsm :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum and thanks for your comment!

As I just have realized, you are registered Forum member since February 2015, but wrote your first posts today. So you obviously didn’t have many questions until now.

Dieter (alias Fernando)


I try to carefully follow your guides; when I have had problems, it means I haven’t read closely enough. :slight_smile:

After my initial reading, I developed a procedure for using the UBU Tool that has made updating my BIOS very easy and routine until these latest microcodes. I don’t touch microcode or the vbios unless I have a compelling reason to do so, and the orom releases for my aging Z68 i5-2500K system have naturally become fewer and fewer; thus, fewer opportunities for questions.

I suspect my latest troubles are a combination of my aging platform, the quirks of my Gigabyte motherboard, and me needing to do more reading.

@Fernando - If you are still curious about this: well I can say that I came here by way of RedGamingTech youtube channel :slight_smile:

From this recent video →

this may explain it…

although many more links are pointing at the forum as the source of information :frowning:

I came in from forum thread but I also saw the news in techpowerup. I am impressed with what I have seen on this forum and the cool ubu tool. I was able to flash 2 mobos I had with modified bios for coffee lake support simply following guide put together by elisw (ASRock z170 pro4s and h110m dvs). I actually bought coffee lake CPU just because of this forum. I am studying information available here and hopefully can contribute with something in the future. Also because of this forum I bought a programmer tool so I can play more with bios and not be afraid to brick the board. Thanks all for the great work being developed here.

One day later (Mar 06) elisw’s mod was reported even on a well-known German portal for general IT-news:

It also made news on Gamers Nexus channel yesterday:

Might have something to do with I point people here quite often in a very large PC orientated group on facebook as well whenever I see anyone having problems with the now infamous Gaming 5. Theres a couple threads I’ve seen with a lot of views lately, my thread, an Asus one, and a couple others too I think.

Ah yes, I was promoting the CoffeeLake working on older motherboards in other forums referencing to the work done here. Since this is a ‘small’ forum, it has quite a friendly family atmosphere here.

I know I’m late posting on here as I am new, but I wanted to note that this is a very very helpful forum I never knew existed. Going through all of the different post, threads, and seeing the friendly responses and helpful people is great. I’m so glad to have found this community and look forward to promoting it myself.