There is a problem with not being able to log in to the Steam site

windows 10 21h2 (updated)
windows defender, firewall - off
vaccine - off
adguard - off
Unicorn Https - off
Line company: SKB (Korea)

When I try to access Steam, it says my account is invalid.
I changed my password and tried to log in again, but it says wrong.
I reinstalled thinking there might be an unknown OS conflict.
I set up port forwarding in my router settings according to the steam guide. See capture.
I followed the guide to setup proxy settings in Windows 10.
Still I can’t log in.

When I try to contact the Steam manager, the menu does not appear.
Please tell me how to solve it.
Or, tell us the steam manager’s direct mail.

Thanks you.

Port forwarding
external port / internal port