Thinkpad W701 BIOS mod for swapable mxm GPUs --- Help needed and compensation offered!

Dear all,

I have been a long time member of thinkpad forum and have been selling a lot of interesting mods around (google Thinkpad T420s FHD or T61 QX9300).
However when it comes to BIOS-mods I’m a infant. I have been trying to modify BIOS of my thinkpad W701 for the capability to upgrade to newer mxm GPUs, as FX2800m and FX3800m are getting old and severely outdated even for youtube videos.

It has been a long time but the only thing I was able to accomplish was to install a HP version of FX2800m on W701. And also with force loading the EDID

I’ve been stucked on figuring out what the heck the BIOS was doing during initializing. Also asked Javi-Jie for help but without any success.

I sincerely hope that someone can help me with reviving my beloved W701, I can offer cash/cryptocurrency compensation and will also make donations to the forum if someone can help me.