this device cannot start (code 10) and others


In code 10,the device is not responding at unlike code 43, device descriptor request failed and others where your device reports something is wrong,hardware troubleshooter wont work.although you are welcome to try.for the rest you should start with it.Steps to diagnosis are often similar, so follow through
For windows 10, Windows PowerShell (Admin) and run msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

1-Restart your pc .sometimes simpliest solution is only the cure you need

2-Disable the device then re-enable .open up the device manager,right click on the device and select disable then enable it back

3-uninstall the driver .uninstall the device’s software&driver from control panel.then open up the device manager and uninstall it till only the windows assigned generic driver remains.restart your pc

4-install the original driver which comes with your device. manufactorer recommended one from it’s support page.sometimes latest does not mean the best
fyi,installing driver with setup and pointing to where the drivers are (browse my computer for drivers option) both considered safe methods.on the other, have disk (let me pick from a list) method considered force installation,works but risky,might cause problems right away or in the long run.continue if you know what you are doing

5-reinject original pci rom if you have modded through the bios or changed bios settings may work at first,untill it does not .and yes a module can cause this (also entering wrong id can make it unrecognised) and even burn your device

6-if you are on this step and your problem still persists,i got bad’s probably may need to contact support or buy an alternative.

7-you may want to disable the device through bios settings and/or windows device manager. there is no point keeping it on,might even cause you more trouble

this can happen to any device,usb,graphic,sound,network card etc and can be caused by many reasons overclock,pci rom,voltage,age,heat etc

pre-syptoms are sudden restarts during boot,while using any app in OS or while pc sitting idle,in short all of a sudden

final words,bad things can happen.but as rule of thumb,use up to date OS,update every single one of your drivers,fimwares and bios when/if possible
clean your pc (fans etc) and renew your thermal pastes every 6-8 months.if you cant do it yourself,give it to local professional to do it for you