This is my Farewell as Thread Opener and Guide Writer

Dear Forum members,

since the forum move from Xobor to level1technics, many of my guides and my other initial contributions do not meet anymore my requirements in terms of structure and clarity. Responsible for this is the incompatibility of the different forum software. Despite intensive efforts on my part and the help of wendell, it was not possible to eliminate this code mixture.

That is why I decided today to stop trying to update, to repair or to adjust any of my start posts. The posts can stay as they are now until someone else is ready to publish a new one about the same topic.
After 9+ years of daily work for the Win-RAID Forum and at the age of 78, I’m not willing to completely re-edit all of my startup posts.

As it was “my baby”, I wish the Win-RAID Forum good luck and say thank-you all for your understanding and the continuous support! It was (nearly) always a pleasure for me!



You will be dearly missed.

I really feel this new forum software is manic, has no focus, your right, no way to fix it.

without you and other members who are no longer here, this forum is useless !

thank you very much for your work, you taught me a lot of new things about bios and updates :slightly_smiling_face:

good luck .d