This website has major issues


I tried to sign up with username Karatekid430 and after talking like a whole two minutes to complete the longest anti-robot test ever, the confirmation email was never delivered to my email address and I did check the junk / spam.

How do I get them to re-send the email to confirm account email address?

This is just great, no recourse or contact details when things go wrong…

And tone down with the CAPTCHAs - you do not need to make them so long.

I am trying to sign up to answer a thread where I know something useful to the OP but right now it is looking like "why bother?"


@tempaccount :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

As everybody can see >here<, the user with the nickname Karatekid430 has already posted within this Forum.
So your problem obviously has been solved.
By the way: Our Team has no impact on the sign-up procedure, which is managed by our hoster Xobor. Furthermore we don’t get many feedbacks like yours. This indicates, that there is no general problem to get registered here.
Dieter (alias Fernando)