Thread subscription options

Is it possible to change the notification options for thread subscriptions? Maybe I’m just overlooking it. But it’d be great if we could get the option to change how we get notification for updated threads – currently, I’m getting an email for every post added. Some sites offer the option to get per-post notification, daily/weekly notification, and in-site notification.

Another possibility is to only send one notification/email for an updated thread, and then not send anymore emails until the person visits the thread again, which resets the notification flag.

AFAIK the Forum software doesn’t support the features you are demanding for. I am sorry about that.
Users cannot expect all possible features from a low-cost internet presence. Most important for me was the accessability of the Forum and an easy administration (as you probably know, I do everything alone until now).

Understandable, thanks.

Where do we go to delete thread subscriptions then? My inbox is getting overwhelmed, and I can’t seem to find where the subscription panel is.



Nevermind, I find them.